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My name is John Christos, musician, coder, entrepreneur, loves dogs and can’t live without coffee.

If i was stranded on an island, and i could choose one item, it would be coffee.

I have over 15 years of software development experience and I’ve been marketing online since 2001.

Before I started online marketing, I was a software developer, which is why all of my products are of the highest quality. Not the regular stuff other marketers sell that stop working after a few days. …

In fact, you may have heard of some of them since they have gone on to become industry standards…

My past releases include:

Proxy Goblin, YellowBot, Linkfuu, MobileProphet, FB LeadChef, FLPXtract, FLPXport and more…

So you know, I’m not going to disappear.

Clients who have bought my first software are still on my lists because they trust the quality and dedication they have come to expect of my releases.

p.s: hit me up at ashbeats[@]gmail[dot]com in the meantime if you wish to discuss anything. Even to talk about coffee or collaborating on your release.


John Christos